High speed driving tips – The driver is ‘highly competent’, and not guarantee that you will become a good driver just by watching it. It merely demonstrates some of the https://bellringers.net/ finer points of driving a car, in this case, one with a manual transmission.

You may have to watch it several times, because everything happens very fast – fortunately, the same things may happen more than once, so you may be able to ‘catch’ the pointers at some point.

We highly recommend that you read the article, or better still, print it and mark the salient points so that when it happens, you will be able to see it

High speed driving tips

Using the Push-Pull Hand placement method.

Actually there are two schools of thought regarding the steering wheel, one being the ‘push-pull’ method, which is my preferred style, other one being the ‘hand-over-hand’ method. Both are good to use.

In the ‘push-pull’ method, generally one tries to never have any one hand cross over the top of the steering wheel. The left hand stays on the left hand side of the steering daihatsujakbar wheel, while the right hand stays on the right hand side. Moving the steering wheel is by using one hand to push, while the other hand pulls, hence the name for the method. The hands alternate between pushing and pulling.

The advantage for this is that even in a corner, your shoulders are ‘square’ to the steering wheel, and you will always have a strong grip on the wheel at all times. Therefore, should you encounter any ruts or uneven parts of road that may ‘kick’ the steering wheel, and thus the car, out of position, you would be able to hold it steady or do an instant counter action.

Sitting position and hand placement

It is important to sit in the correct position in order to drive properly. Generally, you should be able to reach all the controls easily. For safety, your knees should be slightly bent when the brake pedal is depressed fully – this is a precaution to prevent your legs from breaking should the brake pedal be pushed towards you in an accident, bearing in mind that when you are about to hit something, the chances are that your right foot is hard on the brakes. Similarly, your hands should be able to grip the top of the steering without stretching, with your shoulders against the seat back. Also, the small of your back (lower spine) should be in full contact with the seat, as this will allow you to ‘feel’ the car, especially during cornering (sometimes referred to as the ‘butt sensor’).

Never let go of the steering after a turn

At all times, at least one hand must have a firm grip on the steering wheel. Never let go of the steering after taking a corner, as technically, during those split seconds while the caster of the car makes the steering wheel centre itself, you are not in control. The steering should be unfurled with your hands so that you have full control over the steering.

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